Reverse PoE Switch with 12 VDC Out of ONU

Model No. NS-ER7-E1-V12

7 x 10/100 Base T Reverse PoE Ports ( RpoE)
1 x 10/100 Base T Uplink Port

Reverse PoE Switch with Fiber Uplink Port

Model No. NS-ER7-F1

7 x 10/100 Base T Reverse PoE Ports (RPoE)
1 x 10/100 Base FX Port
13T for 1310nmTX-1550nmRX
15T for 1550nmTX-1310nmRX

Outdoor Reverse PoE Switch

7 x 10/100 Base T Reverse PoE Ports (RpoE)
1 x 10/100 Base PoE Out Port (24V)
With Weather Proof Casing

Model No. NS-RP071P-OD

Reverse PoE Switch

Model No. NSW-RPG08S2

8 X 10/100/1000 Base T reverse PoE Ports (RPoE)
2 GIGA SFP Uplink Ports

PoE Injector (Net Modem)

Model No. NM-024

10/100 PoE Injector (24V 1amp)
With 3 Plug Pin

Who are we?

Established in 2001, INFONET SOLUTIONS is a leading Manufacturer of ” NETSTAR” Brand Product for Telecom and System Integration Sector. Our goal is to provide the Robust product which saves time and money. We have the strong focus on R & D, we manufacturing special Customized Product as per the Customer’s requirement. We Understand customer’s Need and Pain Point. We manufacture various Product like Reverse PoE Switch And PoE Injector for Solving major Problem of Powering device for Last mile build. Connect With Us

Salient Features of Our Products

Over Current Protection

If for any reason, PoE Out port cable is shorted / water ingress in PoE OUT Cable going to Wireless CPE, Heavy current may flow in PoE OUT Port. We have provided Over current protection by way of resettable fuse which can prevent damage to the switch power management circuit/tracks on the PCB by limiting current and opening the circuit if current flows for the longest time.

Port Based Isolation

The feature of Port Isolation is implemented in this Unit wherein the Ethernet Data of the Uplink Port can be transferred to any of the Downlink ports but the individual Downlink ports cannot communicate with each other. This feature is implemented using Port-based VLAN.

Surge Protection

Each PoE IN port is feeding Power to the Power management circuit of the switch. It is designed to withstand surges occurring due to transient voltages induced while connecting/disconnecting RJ45 connectors as well as Stray Induced voltages on Copper Cables (Especially during Monsoon ).

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